When you spot this name in old magical books, you should know that it most often stands for God’s name related to Jesus Christ.

This name is regularly spelled as Emmanuel in modern English, but in Grimoires, it often appears as Emanuel or even sometimes as Emanvel. Emanuel comes from the Greek rendering of two Hebrew words Immanu (with us) and El (God). As Immanuel with “I” comes from the Hebrew “Immanu”, in the Old Testament it is written Immanuel when Isaiah referred to him as “our promised Saviour”. In English, it can be found as either Emmanuel or Immanuel.

When the conception of Jesus was announced to Joseph, Gabriel told him that a son would be born who would be called Immanuel – God with us. So, Immanuel is basically in magical and mystical circles taken to be the same as Jesus Christ. In Book of Soyga, Emanuel appears several time in the formulation “Jesus, Emanuel, God.”

Emanuel is the God’s name of Shemhamphorash of Adam from Sepher Raziel. There it belongs to the seventh of seven sets of Shemhamphoras. It should be used in each thing, in all work and time, and with the four elements.

Emanuel is also the God’s name of Shemhamphorash of Adam from The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. There it also belongs to the seventh of seven sets of Shemhamphoras, but it should be named in the beginning of each undertaking. It also appears in the same position in Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis. This was God’s name when he revealed to Moses The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Emanuel is also the God’s name in a Shemhophorosh prayer from The Sworn Book of Honorius. This book mentions Emanuel in another prayer, as one of the 25th most holy names of God, and explains that he is the king of kings who gave diverse languages to the builders of the tower. In this book, Emanuel gives knowledge, memory, speech, letters. He also helps with the vision of God.

Emanuel is again the God’s name from The Lesser Key of Solomon second conjuration. This grimoire tells that three children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed sang Emanuel in the midst of the fiery furnace, and were delivered.

According to The Book of Magic, Emanuel is called for protection.

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses tells that Emanuel’s name should be mentioned in conjuration of the Solar intelligence Och and the Lunar intelligence Phul.

The True Petition of the Jesuits and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum also mentions Emanuel as the God’s name.

As Emanvel, it is mentioned as the 15th name of God in Liber Iuratus Honorii.

Immanuel appears as the 27th God’s name in Slavic Miscellany for Travelers, where it is correctly explained that it means “The Lord is with Us”. Immanuel can be used in conjuration of the Shem angel Jerothel.

Immanuel is also the name of God to be used in exorcism according to A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences, Book 4.

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