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The Baal family of spirits – can Baalto from PME give a clue?

Magicians, at least the older ones from previous centuries, had never really intended to resurrect Baal into his previous Divine position, as they were seeing him belonging not there, but rather somewhere in darkness. Early demonologists came to regard the term as referring to one evil spirit. They gave him an alternate name Bael. He was ranked as the first and principal king in Hell ruling over the East. He appears in the forms of a man, cat, toad, or combinations thereof, and sometimes onto a set of spider legs.

Probably the most famous representative of all this Baal demonic family is Baʿal Zebub, widely known as Beelzebub. His name occurs in the first chapter of the Second Book of Kings as the name of the Philistine god of Ekron. Jewish scholars have interpreted the title of “Lord of the Flies” as the Hebrew way of calling Baʿal a pile of dung and his followers vermin. He manifests either as a gigantic fly or a monstrous being of great height on a giant throne. Beelzebub is considered to be second to Satan in Hell.

There are other members from the Baals family too. Baal Hanan (Baal-Chanan)  is the king of Edom. According to Waite, he is also the archdemon corresponding to Netzchah. Baalberith is a demon of the second order and master of the Infernal Alliance. He keeps Hell’s archives as well as its secretary. Baalzephon is the captain of the guard and sentinels of Hell, according to Wierius. Baal-Peor is another name for Belphegor. She is considered to be a fallen angel and the infernal ambassador to France. She appears as a young woman when invoked, and is the demon of discoveries and inventions. Originally, she was a Maobite fertility god.

Balthazar is a demon who started his appearance in modern time. His name is from the Phoenician language, meaning “Ba’al protects the King”. The name Balthazar is commonly attributed to one of the legendary three magi who visited Christ upon his birth. Balthazar is also an alternate form of the Babylonian king Belshazzar, mentioned in the Book of Daniel. To our knowledge, there is no recorded demon or fallen angel named Balthazar, and this name has been over-used in a variety of fictional accounts of angels/demons in recent history, such as in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in the movie Constantine. Nevertheless, some magicians claim that he is real. Some of them find him horrifying, while others friendly. One magician witnessed that Balthazar was half of his size. He was like a child, though, probably, he was not. He was more like a gnome. He promised help in all of the magicians’ business endeavors. He was very benevolent, a real friendly spirit. He said that two of them are partners from now on. And he also said that both of them actually started from zero. Then he showed him a playground, with a slide and a seesaw. It will evolve and grow and it will transform into something else as he becomes more successful, if the magician helps. And he will also help out the magician.

Abramelin the Mage also mentioned a spirit whom he called Baalhori. This spirit was called Baaltori by Quintchner, and finally as Baalto by Franz Bardon. Franz Bardon dismissed any black connotation related to Baalto. So, he said that Baalto was a head from the Earth Zone. The magicians need to try to understand the background of any spirit we intent to evoke. Tradition might be sometimes misleading, as our own experience could be quite different than expected. Of course, due to millennia of Baal being rejected as a bad spirit, we cannot really expect to reach Divine light by contacting some of those spirits. But even that cannot be excluded.

So are the spirits from the Baal family demons or gods? Angels they are surely not, unless maybe fallen in some of their cases. This question should be answered individually, with no prejudice and with respect. You do not do magic to make a holy war against the spirits. The Biblical prophets might do that, but not the magicians. So, if you evoke Baalto, you will really see that he is no demon, no god, no angel, but exactly what Bardon said about him – a head. But he really has something of a dark with him. He is not in a heaven, but very much connected to the earth element. In fact, many gnome kings honour Baalto and pay as their supreme ruler. He also helps people find their lost things. Baalto has a great sense of humour, albeit dark. Baalto can also find a way how to influence people in a positive manner and exchange fitting gifts with one another. He can help you get rewards, promotions, a higher salary or anything else to improve your life and career. Baalto’s chamber is full of treasures. So, if Baalto likes you, he will also give you some gifts.

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