Odujo from Venus

Faculty: Sexual magic and inspiration.

Besides sexual magic, she teaches about writing stories. She is also one of the most important librarians from the Venus Zone. She can help you obtain the best possible literature according to your own specific interests. Odujo can also connect you to HGA’s of other people. So, if you want to solve some particular problems with your friends or help them in some matters, you can directly speak with their HGA’s about that.

Appearance: Odujo comes with sparks of light. She is very beautiful and alluring. She does not say much at first, but if she likes you, she will probably hug you and give you a kiss. In future evocations, she will become more talkative. Odujo is very emotional as most spirits from Venus are. If you have emotional problems, she will certainly show you methods how to feel better again.

Odujo is a writer and librarian. Her knowledge about Venus is enormous. Regrettably, a very few people had a chance to hear her stories about Venus. It is not because she is not willing to share her secrets, but rather because people do not show that they are interested in her subjects. The most obvious reason for that is that people do not know that she exists.

Assistants: Her assistants are librarians, writers and poets. There is also a large number of fairies living inside rivers from her region. They are of different kinds. Some are very tiny, not so much bigger than sparks. Others are as tall as our women. Some nymphs look like children. They may look at you with extremely innocent eyes but most of them are not children.

There are also sylphs in Odujo’s region. You will have different experiences with them depending on whom of them you will meet. One of them is 10 years old. She told a magician that she is not very happy to be born as a sylph. When she was asked why she was not happy, she told that it is because she only had four marbles, while other sylphs had more marbles than her. The magician could take a few marbles on his or astral journey to Odujo’s region. If you see some sylphs ther, you will make them happy with a few marbles.

Region: Odujo first typically receives her guests in her library. The room has the vintage feel to it, but its interior design and furniture are actually quiet modern. There is a big forest in her region. She can invite you to fly over it. There are also many lakes and rivers. You can go down to socialize with fairies and other inhabitants.

Observations relevant to Odujo’s teaching – Venus’ books: There are many different kinds of books on Venus. Some of them look exactly like books from our world. In that case, they also have paperback and electric formats as we do. However, there are also some big differences. Some books from Venus are never meant to be written to the end, as if they constantly search for their own perfection. So, if you already had a chance to read a book from Venus, often you will not read the same text in that book again.

There are indeed many special books in Odujo’s libraries. For instance, she may show you some of your own future book or even such books which you wrote in some of your previous lives. A magician saw in that library another magician’s book abouot astrophysics. His face drawn in the book looked nothing like him in this era, but more like Gandalf. He was pointing at the sky with notes, pens and books around him. There were small children sitting around. A few young people took notes. One of the quotes was “…The sky isn’t as high as we think, and the stars aren’t all that far away”.

One of many books from Odujo’s library is written in several different languages. It has numerous drawings of plants, humans, birds and other animals. There are also maps on some pages.

Some books might be impossible to read, because you might not understand what language they are written in. Some Odujo’s books are blank with no writings or symbols. In that case, there is usuall a feather fountain pen with inkwell on the table. Sit down and write Odujo’s name on the first page. Lots of writings will then suddenly appear on that pages. For example, after a magician wrote down Odujo, the following text appeared in one of her books:

“This is the book of Odujo of Venus. Odoju’s way of teaching consists of how to travel through her book. Each sentence has the function of letting you travel through the mental and astral planes of her stories. By the end of the book, you will learn how to travel while physically writing, sleeping, projecting, conjuring, healing, singing, painting, etc.”

After writing Odujo’s name, you may write down whatever topic you have in mind. If you write down the “Art of Healing”, drawings of some strange plants may appear alongside with plants’ names, symbols, potions’ bottles, and instructions on how many drops should be used. Certain small plants are colored in green. There are arrows of light radiating outwards and inwards.

On the next pages there are drawings of a human male. His anatomy with blood vessels is colored in red ink. The blueprint of his etheric structure is drawn together with his magnetic field with all the energy centers (21 chakras and 57 points). The layer over the top of the pictures is lightly penciled with the dimension and mathematical values of the etheric body. The next page seems like an in depth explaining of the previous page.

On other pages, there are hand-drawn pictures of a man standing in different poses in front of water. It seems like that that man was collecting the energy of the water into his body. The next page is about that same man looking at the Sun. Finally, the last page is maybe about his HGA above him communicating to him in letters that might be foreign to you.

(From a book that I am currently writing together with Kadilya). 

Painting that may catch Odujo’s attention: 

William Adolphe Bouguereau – The Nymphaeum, 1878.

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