Ohoah from Venus

She belongs to a group of 8 spirits from Venus who teach about Venus’ nature and laws and also about technology.

Like almost all Venusian spirits, Ohoah is very beautiful. She somehow looks like a woman from our world, but in reality, such kind of beauty cannot really be found so easily among us humans. I noticed that she has a pretty large mouth and thick lips, long hair and green eyes. She may also appear as a a very small blond girl, with her hair parted from middle holding a stuffed toy.

One of her main subordinate spirits is the keeper of the halls of 1000 mirrors. You may call him Ohi. He sometimes wears a dark brown leather long dress outfit with a sigil pressed at the bottom of the cloths. He once said that there is in our own reflections in the mirrors, in each and every of them, in some of their parts, a reality in some sense.

If you do not meet Ohoah first, you might be introduced to her by Ohi.

I had a pleasure to walk around Ohohoa’s region of Venus, which looks very earth-like. We were in a city which is as if it is from our Earth. I tried to fly there, but could not, as this region obvious has a very strong gravitation. I think, it is a very etheric part of Venus where Ohoah resides.

She showed me one flat which I suppose might belong to me when I am on Venus. That is a very nice apartment, but somehow also very earth-like.

And in this flat I met several people who had passed away. They were my professors at my university in Belgrade. Now they all expressed their wish to hang out together with me, which was not really the case when they were alive. I felt honoured because I remembered them as very intelligent and nice people while they were alive, but now they also treat me with great honor. One of them even told me that I am his best friend among the living ones. I guess that they realize now that they missed magic and occultism while they were alive, so they now pay respect to my work. They even told me that they would like to be private teachers to my kids and strongly support them in science in this life.

There are actually 4 professors whom I am constantly meeting on Venus. When I work with Venus, I often see them as a non-stop reoccurring moment. I don’t know why those professors chose to be on Venus instead of Mercury, but it is probably for they might have missed some Venusian stuff while they were alive.

In my everyday life, Ohoah’s influence led me to meet an American friend who is 65 years old and who is now in a desperate situations because of unpaid alimentation, so he can be deported from China and go to jail in the US. So, with a group of some other of his friends we are figuring it out how to help him out. It is a difficult situation, but he has a chance. One more month for him to find a solution and for us to help. I have noticed, that each spirit from Venus has a special task for me.

PS. As this adventure with Ohoah happened a long time ago, I would like to inform that the story of my American friend had a happy end. He got all the money he needed to pay, went back to America, skipped the jail and as I understand it, he is also having a nice life there. He has no idea though, that he should pay gratitude to Ohoah.


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