Opollogon, The Earth Zone, Moon Magic

7° Aries is the day to enjoy the Moon in the sky and also to study its astrological positions, influences and magical potentials

Opollogon’s subordinate spirits mainly teach the magician how to evoke lunar spirits. A few years ago, I met a very nice small entity who said that he was Opollogon’s subordinate spirit. He told me that I could give him a name, so I called him Opollo. He said that he was ready to help me any time I would perform any form of Lunar Magic.

Suggested magical links to Opollogon’s magic might also be some mystical painting celebrating the Moon, like:

– Arthur Loureiro – Study for the spirit of the New Moon, 1888.

Опис фотографије није доступан.

Прикажи у групи


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