Ramara – The Earth Zone, Magical Formulae

Ramara (8° Aries)

It is not easy to see Ramara, but it is not that difficult to hear her speaking during the evocation. Her main faculty is to deliver magical formulae, so for the magician it is more important to hear her voice than to see her face.

Ramara’s region is located very close to the Sun Zone. It is like an idyllic tropical island with a perfect climate and has the most beautiful natural surroundings. More than that it is very hard to describe, because everything about Ramara seems to be quite secretive.

Ramara can give powerful banishment formulae. The purpose of this is to ward off negative influences, dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Her formulae are meant to be used in dangerous situations and in order to save lives, but they may also backfire if they are not understood properly. So, if you are attracted to her, set aside a special magical diary dedicated to her magical formulae and experiment carefully and wisely.

Now, she is giving us a special task in the corona epidemics, to banish the virus from certain areas.

So, try to contact her, receive her message, apply her formula and banish the virus from your territory.

Let’s see how it works out.

Ramara likes paintings of ladies’ magicians, so let’s attract her energy now with the painting The Love Potion, by Evelyn de Morgan!


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