Tabori – The Earth Zone, Water Magic

The tenth day is the first watery day of the fiery sign of Aries. Tabori invites yin energies by slowing down the fire of Aries and inspires you to have a proper rest by a well or a stream. 

Tabori is a very beautiful and friendly spirit and a queen of many undines around the Earth Zone. She introduced me to several of her favourite undines, and one of them, Kondid, has become a true friend to me.

Tabori’s subordinate spirits teach about deep secrets of the water element and inspire people how to practise stopping storms and invoke rainfall. They live on beautiful, inspiring and romantic islands like: The Islands of the Purest Waters, The Invisible Islands of Secret Waters, The Gorgeous Undines Islands, etc. Tabori spends most of her time on those islands leisurely with her undines and other friends. She can open the gates of her wondrous region for you, so that you can fully enjoy the company of its inhabitants.

If you want to summon the rain, Tabori can offer you a set of special methodical instructions and formulae precisely for this purpose. The magician should use it under the seal of secrecy and possibly pass it down to his or her direct successors should you deem them sufficiently worthy. Rainmaking is a difficult task, so it should take more than just a few attempts to make it happen.

If you are not in the infected area, meditate nearby the water, but you can contemplate about the water element anyway. Try to summon the rain and do it wisely with Tabori’s help, and off course, remember to evoke an undine.

Paintings related to Tabori are numerous, but you need to check out with her which one you may use as your special magical link to her. Here is one example:

– Henrietta Rae – Hylas and the Water Nymphs,1910.

At the first glance, who would not like to be in Hylas’ place, surrounded by such beautiful creatures?

However, here we also have one of the greatest dangers of the water magic: Namely, Hylas was kidnapped by those nymphs of the spring of PegaeMysia when they fell in love with him, and he vanished without a trace, never to be seen again.

Indeed, in some more dramatic cases, water magic can either heal or kill, depending on its intensity.


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