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TEX exploration with 92nd Governor DOZIAAL

There are 92 governors of the 30 aethyrs. The last one is DOZIAAL. You may find his sigil easily online. A few years ago I was instructed by angels to draw my own Enochian table of the 30 aethyrs, so I am also using this table in my enchain evocations. I also use sigils of the governors, enochian calls, circles, triangles, and pretty much similar things as when I am evoking other spirits.

DOZIAAL is the governor of the fourth part of the aethyr TEX. He also rules the region of Mauritania.

He has 5632 ministers under his command.

Once when I evoked him, he came with the whistling sound. I could here it very clearly outside of my window. He was accompanied by some other spirits. They talked outside with otherworldly kind of voices. At that moment, my mind was in this reality so I could sence him clearly with my ears and when it came into my room I also spot him as a dark shadow. He confirmed that he was DOZIAAL. He is a friendly spirit and he is black.

I followed him through the window and we went on to explore the lower parts of TEX. We were in a city flying around the buildings but gravitation was very strong and density quite hard and it took me quite a large effort to fly over the top of those buildings from where I could then move on freer into an area of some higher etherial dimensions.

He introduced me to one of his 5632 ministers, told me his name, and said that he could be my assistant from now on. I agreed. He also asked me what I wanted him to show me in TEX, and I told him that I wished to learn more about Slavic gods and asked him to show me where I could meet god Dajbog. He said that my request is out of his competence as Dajbog and Slavic gods are in some higher astral regions. I asked DOZIAAL to tell me in which areas he may assistance our humanity.

DOZIAAL can help the magician to influence the region of Mauritania.

He confirmed that TEX can be divided on the lines of four cardinal directions, but it is much more complex than that.

He clearly confirmed that TEX is a part of the Earth Zone or Malkuth and that it covers much of its nether regions.

DOZIAAL and his ministers are quite easy to evoke as they are physically very close to us humans. They are almost only just one step away from the full materialisation. This is their nature – to be almost physical and almost visible to people of this world. In this regard, they are quite close to the jinns, as they are also almost physical.

There are many good things that the magician can gain in the cooperation with DOZIAAL and his ministers. Their assistance is quick. They are used to human beings and they understand us very well. Many of them have been humans like us. They are friendly.

The magicians can go to their schools and listen to their lectures.

I had this opportunity to pass one of their exams on night. It was about history and also about the art of creating cartoons. But I think that this exam was mostly designed as a part of my karmic lessons.

It seems like that DOZIAAL is a governor of the part of TEX which is related to karma.

Explore TEX with DOZIAAL as it will be for sure an extraordinary experience.


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