The Angel of Temperance

Who is the Angel of Temperance?

There are many candidates. Michael, Uriel, Kassiel, Adukiel and Saratiel are among them.

This card was called “Time” in Italian tarochi cards from 18th century and probably for this mane reaon, Uspenski calls him Angel of Time.

A. Crowley names him Angel of Art referring him to the art of alchemy.

Troy’s prince Ganimed had had a task to fill in Zeus’ class with the drink of immortality each time it would become empty which led some people to think that it was him who was depicted in the card.

Some occultists think that the angel is the Gnostic teacher Markos as he made Eucharistic with both water and wine with two chalices.

The tarot master Lotterhand says that the Angel of Temperance is our guardian angel.

Paul Foster Case stresses that the Angel of Temperance is our true I.

This angel is also said to be a superior alchemist who knows how to mix two opposite forces in order to get a perfect balance. It may be dark or light, the Sun and the Moon, yin or yang. His task is to get the third substance from the two he has at his disposal. But he is not interested in mixing per se, but rather in transformation through amalgamation.

This angel also stands for one of the four ancient cardinal virtues which were also accepted by Christianity. It is linked with the Apollo temple in Delphi which slogan was Meden Agan (Μηδέν Άγαν): „Nothing too much“. It advocates: modesty, humility, benevolence and compassion.

This angel might also be an allegorical figure, such as Liberty (with its famous statue in New York) or Justice, but even in that case, it makes it no less alive.

At the end let me give you my opinion: Angel of Temperance is Angel of Temperance


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