Toth as a Quantity Key

5th Quantity Key – Toth/Yah/

5th Quality Key – Mahasiah

Quantity Keys are often named after some great gods. They help people better understand Divine work, so that they may overcome the division between monolithic and polytheist religions. There is no reason why one person would not believe in one God and many gods at the same time. One God does not exclude other gods or vice verse. The great ancient mysteries and neoplatonist philosophers believed in One god and also in many other gods at the same.

You can explore the 5th key either through the prism of monotheism (Yah) or polytheism (Toth). Discoveries could vary, paths could differ, but final results and conclusions should be the same. The same can be said with many other keys.

The 5th Quantity Key is Toth or Yah and its related quality key is Mahasiah, who rules over Egyptians. Toth/Yah is the original centre of Unity in the Universe. It is the main force which makes 1 stable, unbreakable and eternal. Without that quality, number 1 would seize to exist and the whole God’s creation would go back to 0. Without the power of Toth/Yah nothing in the Universe could exist for a longer time. It holds all negative and positive forces together. When electric and magnetic fluids are in harmony, it is mostly thanks to the power of Toth/Yah. Yin and Yang would go their own separate ways were there not for its power to keep them together. Additionally, Toth/Yah repairs what has gone wrong in relations between Yin and Yang, including all the four elements. All in all, the magician will learn how to master the four elements with Toth and Mahasiah’s help.

The 5th Key is Tiphareth in Kether. It is also the place where Mahasiah has his original home. All solar things in our universe, including our own Sun origin from this region.

Besides, this key teaches us that the countless possibilities starts with number 5. When God created the number 5, it was then he actually started the endless possibilities of his creations.

Besides, controlling of the fourth elements, 5th Quantity key and 5th Quality key help: with healing, answering all questions, against enemies, and easy living.

All Graeco-Egyptian mysteries can also be rediscovered by this key.

One very interesting thing about Toth he was one of the most important Moon gods, but his functions as a key is related to the most divine Sun how it is seen in Kether. Each sephira has its own Sun, including Kether. Thoth’s roles in Egyptian mythology were many, not only as the lunar god. He served as a mediating power, especially between good and evil, making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other. He was also the secretary and counsellor of the sun god Ra, and with Ma’at (truth/order) stood next to Ra on the nightly voyage across the sky.

The 5th key can also explain everything about relations between all solar and lunar objects in the Universe.

The magicians may expect pleasant experiences together with Mahasiah as this angel is usually very kind and supportive. It is not uncommon to hear pleasant music before Mahasiah’s appearance. Like many other angels, Mahasiah may also come riding on a horse. To some magicians, Mahasiah appears as a female angel, in which case she looks like a very beautiful and noble woman, with some additional expressions of beauty in her face, which are not human nor from our Earth. Nevertheless, some magicians have expressed concerns about this angel as he seemed to them all at once intense and a bit aggressive, like fire; wild and hard to understand. So, the feeling of fire may pervade during the evocation. He may appear with the torch and lead the magician into a cave in order to teach or perform certain ceremonies which might seem odd from the human perspectives but are always done for the magician’s benefits.


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