Hipogo, The Earth Zone, Was Bardon Always Right?

Almost always, but he did make a few mistakes here and there.

I would not like to have a teacher who is always right.

Those few mistakes Bardon made makes him a very charming person, a very human, even though he was one of the few best adepts from the 20th century.

I do not claim with the following story of one of the 360 heads that I was right and Bardon was wrong. I’d never claim anything like that, due to my greatest honour to this master. But, I do hope you find this story interesting and inspiring.

Hipogo (20° Virgo)

Hipogo is one of the friendliest spirits and the best healers of the Earth Zone. Nevertheless, he is also one of the most mysterious heads of the Earth Zone because it is very difficult to define his missions and faculties. Actually he is so far the only spirit who revealed me his faculties in a totally different manner compared to what Franz Bardon had written about him.

On my way to Hipogo’s region, I first flew holding another person’s hand flying above beautiful fields decorated with flowers of otherworldly colours. The person I was flying with was my sister. She looked like an angel. We were happy flying together for some time, and then we departed as I went on my quest for Hippogo. I landed on a playground, where I noticed a group of little boys in striped purple and white uniforms playing football and a group of girls in dresses of different colours, but with the same stripe patterns, playing tag. I asked one little girl what her name was and she told me that she was Snow White.

Soon I also met Hipogo, who was honoured as a head by all local spirits. He looked to me as an ordinary person with grey hair, and I doubt that he would awake any curiosity from people if he happened to take a walk in our world’s towns. Except, if you come closer to him, his huge round eyes might surprise you, because they are atypically large compared to human eyes. He told me to lay on the grass and to relax. I felt beautiful energy from the grass. When he asked me to stand up, I saw a few black spots on the grass. Hipogo explained to me that those were some wicker parts in my organism, but that the grass had already started the process of healing. Additionally, he sprayed me with some magical powder for healing. He took me then for a walk, so we continued to talk. Happy children were playing all around us. The atmosphere was paradise-like and idealistic, but something was still missing, so I asked Hippogo:

– Where is the sea?

– It is far away. Why do you ask?

– Franz Bardon wrote in his book that everything that has to do with water and its relation to man falls under your competence, like: swimming, diving, ship building, etc.

– I do not know why Bardon wrote that. I had shown him all what I am showing to you now, and I do not understand why he had made such conclusions about me.

– Well, now, since Bardon already wrote this, it would be hard to correct it, but I may try if you permit. – I said.

– When I was young I lived for a short while by the seaside. You can also notice that. This is the only link which I have to the sea. – He said.

While we were walking, we met two of his assistants. Three of them started talking about their students and one of them asked Hipogo referring to one student who had been failing in their school, “Why don’t you finally let him pass the exam? It is clear that he will never learn the subject. We keep him here for one year. For what? Let him go”.

Hipogo said that he would think about that and then he introduced me to his assistants. I felt at that moment that I was losing my conscious, which also meant that I would soon be awaken into our world’s reality, so I bowed to Hipogo, when he looked at me strictly saying, “You already know that we should only bow to God, don’t you?”

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