Turning enemies into friends and magical protection against enemies in general

According to Franz Bardon, Hahaih reveals “secret mysteries which up to the present have only been comprehended by a few magicians”. 

This pious angel is the guardian of spiritual people. When you hear a spiritual wake up call, it often comes from Hahaiah.

There are many other interesting things to say about this angel, but let’s focus on the topic. So, this is 

Conjuration to Hahaiah for turning enemies into friends

In the name of HHA, Zeus, Shcamash, A, Yoth and Meal, I ask you Hahaiah to turn my enemies into friends and to bring me protection, balance and harmony, because I want to live in peace and have a spiritual life.

Magicians are usually very charismatic people. Lot of people would like to be their friends but regrettably they also tend to attract powerful enemies. Friendship is sacred to Mercury. Cooperation between Mercurial spirits and magicians is based on mutual friendship. Shem angels will find a way how to protect their human friends against their enemies.

Enemies may experience all kinds of fates ranging from total annihilation to becoming the magician’s friend, depending on who they are and how bad their intentions are. They will also take into the consideration a possibility that you might have brought enemies against you partly of your own fault. In such a case, angels will opt for peaceful solution. Mercury is the bringer of peace, so in most of other cases they will most often opt for reconciliation, especially if the enemy is too strong and consists of not so bad people after all. Shem angels might also even opt for turning the enemies into your friends, which is a very Mercurial method of handling tensed issues among people.

The following Shem angels are the best protectors against enemies:

– Hahaiah – turning enemies into friends and revealing secrets plans of enemies

– Reiiel – turning enemies into friends, revealing hidden enemies and protection against enemies

– Kevakiah – turning enemies into friends and protecting against enemies

– Mebahel – revealing hidden enemies and defeating enemies

– Jezalel – disclosing hidden enemies and their secret plans

– Jerathel – banning formulae against enemies

– Hahahel – destruction of enemies

– Mehiel – destruction of enemies

– Hakamiah – victories over enemies

– Imamiah – protection against any possible enemy

The following genii of the Moon are the best protectors against enemies:

– Emzhom – dealing with enemies in general

– Emvatibe – recognizing enemies

– Amzhere – turning enemies into friends

The best protectors against enemies among the 360 heads of the Earth Zone are:

– Kiliosa – banning formulae against enemies

– Sagara – controlling enemies

– Istaroth – turning enemies intro friends

– Ecdulon – turning enemies into friends.

This field of magical is similar to the magical fields of magical protection, magical protection in wartime and magic of friendship.

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Image: Hahaia’s sigil

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