There are four basic ways to make yourself blessed with great Wednesdays:

1. Directly talk to Wednesday. You will certainly need to do some appropriate rituals, big or small, and then you say what you would like to achieve in the name of: Adonai, Adonai Elohim, Ai, Aie, Asamie, Asarie, Athanathos, Elohim, Eloim, Eye, Hey, Heya, ON, Sadai, Sadal, Shaddai, Uranel, Va, Veonel, Ya, and Ye.

2. Talk with archangel Raphael to help you with blessed Wednesdays in the name of: Adonai, Apharoph, Asamie, Asarie, Eie, El, Eloim, God of Gods, King, King of Kings, Libarre, Lord of Lords, MIIAK, Otheos, Shaddai, and Ya.

If you think that Michael is the ruler of Wednesday, you will need to change Divine names appropriately.

3. Talk directly with the planet Mercury, asking it, because it is the ruler of Wednesday, to achieve what you want in the name of: Adonai, Agiel, Asthapaios, Alethos Logos, Aoth, Athanatos, Azot, El, El Ab, El Gibor, Elaios, Elohim Tzabaoth, and Emanuel.

4. If you like cabala, talk with Hod, asking it to help you in the name of: Elohim Tzabaoth, Hodeh, Lord and Master of the Divine Words,

Piah, Rodeh, Siah, Shaddai, Somek, Tehod, Tiah, and Yaglepzeq.

If you really have a big problem on Wednesday, or want to achieve something really great that day, you can do all of that together.

None of those names I chose randomly. They have purpose and the reason why they are exactly where they are mentioned.

But, I cannot discuss about it in this post because of lack of space and time. If you are curious about any of those names, and why they are mentioned where they are, let me know, and I will explain.

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