Abbetira (22° Leo) – The Earth Zone – Business with Your Friends

Abbetira looks like a Chinese emperor from the Tang dynasty. He always smiles and he is always in a good mood. This very friendly spirit looks like a man, but his nature and origin are not human, which can be best seen in his eyes which have very interesting purple colour.

Abbetira’s subordinate spirits helps the magician acquire wealth and power, but they usually advice in advance to be patient as it often takes a lot of time and challenges to reach that goal. The first time I evoked Abbetira, he reconnected me to my friend’s late mother. Her spirit told me that I should get in touch with her son and that we should try to do some business together. After I heard her appeal I called her son whom I had not seen for seven years, and soon enough we started our first business venture, which might have given us less money than we hoped for, but gave us opportunity to meet in China, Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines, and some other countries , which all happened already during the first year after my first evocation of Abbetira.

Abbetira is a guardian of business partnership based on friendship, so he will most probably urge friends to become partners in some projects. He may also inspire you to give financial support to your friends in need. He is also one of the best spirits to call for help if you would need assistance from some very important people.

Magic with Abbetira can backfire if you are not patient and if you expect from him fast results. Keep it up with Abbetira and do not let your good friends down even when you are disappointed with them. Maybe you do not have the full picture of the problem, so show them you full understanding, try to help even when they seem to be failing your expectations and cooperate with Abbetira closely until the end. In meantimes results will for sure come.


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