Air in Magic – Dangers

Dangers from air magic can be numerous. Let’s start with the sylphs and Franz Bardon’s warnings about them. After mentioning eight important air spirits: Parahim, Apilki, Erkeya, Dalep, Capisi, Drisophi, Glisi and Cargoste; Franz Bardon acknowledged that he had not been much successful with them, so he suggested evocations of the heads whose faculty is the air element instead. The spirits Bardon warns about are mighty sylphs, which in other languages and traditions are known as: villas, valkirs and leanan sidhes.

Sylphs have their kings, and some of the most important of them are the four kings of the winds:Eurius, Notus, Zephyrus and Boreas. They guard the sky in each of their fourth quarters of the world, holding the winds there keeping them from blowing the world away. If you have a good relation with one of those kings, you might be able to provoke enormous typhoons and hurricanes. You might happen to evoke carelessly some violent sylphs. Even when they are not particularly evil, they do sometimes create for humans, often unwillingly, unpleasant hydrological situations.

And it is also good to remember that many air spirits can really be jealous and revengeful and that they have ambivalent attitude towards humans. Some of them populate neither heaven nor earth, but live in clouds, where they have their castles and towns, from where they go down to help people, heal their wounds, become sisters with heroes and reward mortal men with interesting, adventurous, heroic, but short-lived life.

On the other hand, it is known that Paracelsus, Socrates, Psellos, Abbé de Villars, Benvenuto Cellini and other people from the present and past managed to make friends with sylphs. For instance, Cellini wrote in his diary that his favourite art model was a very beautiful sylphide. It could be so that Franz Bardon overreacted? Or was it his own personal experience which need not necessarily match with other people? Could it be so that if I am a Gemini or some other air sign in horoscope, I would be more likely to have good relations with sylphs?

As for another story, pranayama may sometimes induce injuries and adverse effects including haematoma and pneumothorax. Breathing inducing trance is achieved when you focus your mind on your breath and become one with your breath, but it can also be dangerous if you health is weak and if you have some psychological problems.

Let’s get to the intellect! How terrible and arrogant some smart people can be?! I will stop here.

Air element can help the magician’s warfare, win battles and gives motivation and boost one’s moral. We can imagine how all of that can backfire!

Tarot: 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, and 10 of Swords, are amongst the most fearsome cards in the whole tarot. On top of that, they all have their reversed meanings too!

Air element is also about self-sacrifice, but what if that did not lead you to enlightenment?

You may also be tended to start manipulating people with love and other kinds of messages.

Let’s say at the end that the invoked sword is very powerful and can be used both for good or evil purposes.

Who wants to deepen their understanding about the sword mysteries, might find “Moses’ sword” helps, where angels of swords are mentioned such as: SKD Huzi (Sokad Hozi), Mrgioial (Mrgizial, Mrgiiel), Vhdrziolo, Totrisi, Mhihugtzi, Pjduththgm, Asqrihu, Cithinijum, Qthgnipri, Shitimihum, Avniel, Anihiel, Asi Asih, Apragsih, Arayekael, Astraniel, Atiel, Kacfiel, Kavzakiel, Gamorin, Kaduleh, Kardiel, Pancia, Region, and SKTM.


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