Water Magic – When it Goes Wrong – A few Thoughts and Observations

With water magic, the magician will be: successful in love, become a great healer, have safe journeys on water, control the sea life and enjoy the company of the most marvellous water spirits.

A number of heads of the Earth Zone who are great teachers of water magic can also help you: find underground waters with or without divining rods or other aids; explore underground tunnels; teach about all mysteries related to chalice; evoke water spirits from small water areas (such as pools, waterfalls, brooks, fountains and swimming pools); evoke water spirits from the oceans, seas, lakes and other large water areas; understand Atlantis’ mysteries; learn how to use water in ceremonial magic; heal with water; have safe journeys on water, and have good time by the seaside.

But many things can also go wrong with water magic, because it can backfire like all other kinds of magic. Counter-effects are possible, because water can either heal or kill depending on its intensity of strength. If it is too slow, it will take a very long time to start happening, but it you get too much influenced by the water element, it can overflowed your emotions and in some drastic case drive you insane. It can be stagnant. Then it can transform into a swamp. Such might also be your soul.

Water magic is closely related to love magic, and as there are millions potential problems in love, so there are also as many potential problems with water magic.

Related to water magic, it is always good to remember that feelings and emotions are to be controlled by the will.

Talking about spirits, many undines are just not fond of human beings, but even the most benevolent undines may influence us with irresistible passion and destroy the mind of some immature magicians. Evan some of the most beautiful undines sometimes lure handsome men into the swimming into the deep water and eventual death. As best, they won’t touch you. On the brighter side of problems, they can make you silly in older days, so you start acting erratically and talk nonsensically.

There are also some malevolent creatures of oceans such as: seven-headed sea serpents, giant Leviathan’s servants, Adamastor’s watery monsters and evil sirens. They are invisible mostly, but they do sometimes sink ships, sailers, and passangers.

Finally, talking about healing, medical magnetism gives a lot of potentials and it is up to the magician to decide for what purposes they would like to use it.


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