Barbarian names of Jesus Christ

This Christmas we might remind ourselves that there are thousands of names of Jesus Christ and that some of them are from barbaric grimoire tradition. Most of those barbarian names are actually from Greek, but they still count barbarian, because they are unique, solely mentioned there, and not so easily translatable. 

Actually, almost all of the barbarian names of Jesus are from Liber Juratus as well from Edition of The Sworn Book of Honorius, based on MS. Royal 17 A xlii.

They all help with obtaining Divine vision. This is not strange, because the main purpose of Liber Juratus is to lead the magician through certain procedures until he or she would meet God face to face.

Among those names, Helos also appears in Book of Three Souls.

Those names are: Belehothol, Belhores, Candones, Eliminator, Hacaphagan, Helee, Helos, Heorthan, Orthophagon, Resphag, Thanonos, Thephagayn, Thetandyn (Thetendyn), Uelos, Ulcenmia, Corphandonos and Zoel.

The last name Zoel does not appear in Liber Juratus, but in the The Book of Consecration (Sloane 3850). This book instructs that it should be written in the circle and tells that Solomon always used it in his circles. It refers to Jesus Christ and signifies eternal life.

The chronolical fact that Solomon lived before Christ, did not prevent the former to use the name of the later in his circle rituals. Solomon was certainly too wise for us to even try to comment that. 

Anyway, above is the list of Christ names that help with visions. 

Use it wisely and good luck. 

The image: The little boy Jesus with the globe, A. Durer.

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