Spirits and Their Teaching Methods

How do spirits teach?

So many times it has been written in occult books that spirits can teach about this and also about that, but I guess many still wonder how do they teach?

The learning process starts after catching the right frequency with spirits. Each spirit has his or her own teaching models, which highly depend on their special faculties. Typical teaching models are:

Classroom teaching – They appear as human teachers in the classroom. There is a blackboard and all other classroom elements. Besides you, there might be also other students in the classroom passing exams, answering questions, solving mathematical problems, writing about different topics, participating in group discussions, etc.

– Temple teaching – They appear as priests in temples. They invite you to take part in the ceremony. You listen to their speeches, watch and learn.

– Teaching at your home – This method is usually applied when you invite a spirit to be your guests during the evocation.

– Teaching in other places like in caves, fields, woods, city halls, etc.

– One on one teaching – A spirit and you talk to each other and exchange ideas about some topic, alone.

– Group discussions –A spirit appears to you with his assistants and other spiritual masters.

– Adventures – They are arranged by spirits to check your level, maturity and skills.

– Journeys – They are arranged by spirits, so that you learn from and enjoy through different planes of existence.

– Audio teaching – You do not see them, but can hear their voice or music.

– Teaching through images – You do not see them, but can see their talismans, symbols, books or other things related to his magic.

– Teaching through books and visual art – They can arrange for you to read astral books, watch otherworldly performances, visit astral art galleries, etc.

– Transferring the knowledge – They sometimes and just some of them just transfer their knowledge to you, through, for example, merging themselves with you. But that knowledge you will need to discover within you and reveal progressively, little by little, day by day.

– Inspiration – They give you inspiration, sometimes you do not to see nor hear them.

The heads are often replaced by their subordinate assistants. They are also eager listeners. Every day they are also eager to learn something new. They admire human arts, sciences and philosophies. They will be happy to learn from you how it is to be a human from our world’s reality.

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