Belifares – The Earth Zone, Akasha

Dedicate 23° Aries to Belifares or any other day when you feel spiritually uplifted. Contemplate about your perfection. Visualise yourself as a perfect human being. Open up Akashic records with Belifares’ help. Take notes about your magic with Belifares in your magical diary.

Belifares is a great teacher of Akasha records. He has been one of the easiest heads to get in contact with during my first few evocations. In my experience, the easiest way to get to Belifares is through meditation.

Belifares can suggest what special procedures you should apply to in order to improve your evocations. He can also help you create your own very powerful rituals and individual methods in all magical operations. Belifares can also sometimes accompany you when you are on you way up to read Akashic records. He will make your way to Akasha easier.

Reading Akashic records is never easy. I have seen some con-artists read Akashic records to people in public places for financial reasons. Many people who claim that they can read Akashic records are just plain frauds, and in that case they have nothing in common with Belifares or other similar guardians of Akasha.

The magical image of person in deep meditation attracts Belifares’ energies, so it should be also included in your future evocations of this spirit. Belifares is attracted to relaxing meditative tranquil musical compositions. Master pieces dedicated to the glory of angels also draws Belifares’ attention, like – Pinkney Marcius-Simons– Guardian Angels, 1910.


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