Bialode – Earth Zone, Solar Magic

Bialode, a queen of the Earth Zone, is essentially a solar spirit. Even though Bialode’s region belongs to the Earth, some of her parts almost touch the Sun Zone, so they can be often easily mistaken for belonging to the Sun. Bialode is a true representative of the Sun on the Earth. If we see her as the main solar ambassador, this assumption would not be far wrong. As one of the best teachers of solar magic, she can give the magician: magical authority, honour, power, wealth and self-confidence. Dreams come true if Bialode is willing to help.

The inhabitants of Bialode’s region are very advanced in their knowledge about many things, including solar rays, which all have their own different purposes, colours, aims and tasks. Bialode’s subordinates are also ready to share their knowledge about the tarot card the Sun.

Bialode can teach the magician how to make powerful solar pentacles too. She can also urge us to study solar myths of different nations and evoke different solar spirits and deities. She can show us how to travel around the Zone Earth in our astral and mental bodies. In due time, this spirit will be glad to accompany the magicians on their first astral travels to the Sun sphere. Soon after the first successful evocation, the magician can also start getting information from Bialode about all subjects related to Sol in alchemy.

The Sun gives life, but it can also kill. Solar magic can also show its dangerous side. Bialode is a great spirit to work with but only if the magician has already successfully evoked at least 50 other heads of the Earth Zone.

Conjuration: In the name of Pora, Adonai Malek, YHVH El-oh-ah v’dah-aht, Manakel, Raphael, Uriel and Sandalphon, come to me Bialode in your mild form and help me come closer to the Sun. Your people are mighty, noble, glorious and successful. I would like to be like them with your help. I promise that I will remain humble even if I touch the Sun. Amen.

Magical images, enchanting music and other magical links in your future evocations: The magical image of a woman surrounded by white lights will make your evocations of Bialode more effective and comfortable. The name of this spirit is probably from Slavic origin (bialo, belo, bijelo, bial) and it means white. Ask Bialode for inspiration how to make it. You will also draw her attention with music and paintings celebrating the Sun. He is also very much attracted to illustrations of the Sun from old alchemical and astrological books. Bialode will likely suggest some other magical links to her as well. This spirit likes sunny days, so it is easier to have communication with her when it is sunshine.

Suggested further activities: Dedicate 12° Aries to Bialode. You will charm her if your consciously correspond your actions and theoretical studies to solar magic.. Wake up early to welcome the Sun. Enjoy the sunshine. Go out for a walk and see if magic happens. Be self-confident and act with authority. If you cannot go out due to the quarantine, study the Sun in symbolism, mythology, astrology and magic in different traditions. Perform Solar magic. Summon the Sun, if it is rainy, but do it wisely. Make efficient solar pentacles and evoke a solar intelligence with Bialode’s help. Take notes in your magical diary about your progress with solar magic.

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