Hyris – The Earth Zone, Water Magic

Dedicate 19° Aries to Hyris. Surprise people you like with something nice. Meditate by the water and practice the water exercises from Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics”. Evoke a beautiful undine with Hyris’ help. Write about your magic with Hyris in your magical diary and take notes about your experiences, procedures, successes and obstacles with water magic.

Hyris is a playful and good humoured spirit. His favourite way to teach about water magic is through playing games with his students. Not long ago, he told me that there was a deep connection between frogs and undines and then he also showed me how beings of the water element die and come back to life again. Hyris’ region is a paradise populated by undines and human beings. I was lucky enough to become friends with one of his beautiful subordinate spirits who used to be a woman from our world. I spent one afternoon with her at the seaside under a palm tree. We mainly talked about her family problems. She complained to me about her parents. She passed away and they were still alive, but the problems between them remained the same. I have also made friends with another of Hyris’ subordinate spirits, the beautiful siren Kaya, who is a wonderful writer of fairy-tales. Hyris can help you move forward in your life. 

This head can inspire you to love unconditionally and unselfishly. He can also encourage you to forgive all the people who have ever done you any wrong in this life. Giving forgiveness to everybody is especially important when their last days are near. Hyris can also teach about the proper use of the water element in ceremonial magic. He likes the tarot, so can also inspire the magician to evoke the water spirits of the tarot lead by: the King, Queen, Knight and Page of Cups. 

Side-effects with Hyris are possible, because water magic, like all other kinds of magic, can backfire sometimes.

Some great composers were good friends with undines, like Sibellius, As someone nicely said “He is a magician who does not so much develop thematic material as transforms it, an alchemist who changes silver to gold then back again. His music always takes me on a journey, a journey which around each corner there is a new surprise, a new beauty. Oceanides is such a work.”

Another great composer who understood well the water magic was – Smetana – The Moldau (Vlatava). Sibellius focused on oceans and Smetana on rivers. The two very different compositions inspired by two very different types of nymphs, but both united in love and guarded by Hyris.


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