Igigi – The Earth Zone, Animals

The 11th day of Aries – Igigi

In this painting, bears act like humans.

But with Igigi’s help, the magician can also make humans act like bears.

Bardon has said that Igigi teaches the magician how to get power over men and animals, with the help of dynamized magical formulae.

What these all could mean, should be left to the mature magician to experiment with.

Yesterday I astral projected to Tabori’s region, expecting to see his nymphs, but instead I met several blessed animals by the river, for example, an owl and two cats, one read and the other white. Their intelligence was human. And their soul was Divine. Now I clearly understand that Igigi’s influence was already very strong in that part of Tabori’s paradise.

The eleventh day of Igigi whispers to you to open up your heart to newborn animals and welcome animals back from their winter hibernation.

It is easier to communicate with Igigi if you have your pet with you for a walk. Observe birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, bugs and other animals crossing your way and see if something magical happens.

If you are in the quarantine, take your time to read some good books or watch some good documentaries about animals. Take extra good care of nature.


( William Holbrook, Dancing Bears, 1870 )

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