John, the author of the Apocalypses, saw seven angels standing in front of God.

Therearfter, many people have tried to identify those seven angels, but they only agreed about the identity of three of them: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

The great magician Agrippa offered a total different approach with identifying those seven angels, in his Three Books on Occult Philosophy.

Agrippa connects them with the highest spirits of the seven planets.

Agrippa’s approach was also accepted by the author of the Sixth and Seventh Moses Books and by some other magicians as well.

Agrippa calls them the 7 princes. And he also says that Cochabiel (Cochab or Cahabiath) is the Mercurial representative who stands in front of God.

Cochabiel knows the names of all Mercurial spirits. He is also a source and driving force of trade and all other activities related to Mercury. His sigil is the same as the symbol of Mercury.

Other princes are: Sabatiel, Sabatai or Sabachaj; Zedekiel, Sodek or Zedek, Madimiel, Modim or Madim; Semeliel, Semishiah ili Hamnia; Nogahel or Noga; and Jareahel, Jevanael or Lavanah.

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