Grigori and Nephilim

Grigori, also called Watchers, were identified with the Old Testament’s “Sons of God” to whom in antediluvian times women from this Earth bore sons – Nephilim – (Genesis 6:1-14). They were also mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Daniel’s (4:13,17, 23) as the holy angels who “came down from heaven” to convey to the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar prophecy about his downfall.

They were also described in the three apocryphal books of Enoch.

The Second Book of Enoch tells that their number was 200 myriads (2 million) and that some of them went down on to the Earth. Before the great flood, according to the First Book of Enoch”( 6-46 ), they lived together with people and taught them about culture and copulate with women, and so fell away from God. There was a total of 200 Grigori, and their leader was called Semyaza.

Some of Semyaza’s subordinate spirits were:

– Ananel, Semyaza’s twelfth subordinate. He ruled over all trees, plants, the rain, the dew, the heat and the wind.

– Arteqoph (Arakiel) Semyaza’s first subordinate. He taught the signs of earth – geomancy. Semyaza’s first subordinate. In the Sibylline Oracles, he appears as one of the five angels who lead the souls of humans to judgment (together with Ramiel, Uriel, Samael and Azazel).

– Arazyal

– Aristaqis

– Armen

– Armaros (Hermani), Semyaza’s tenth subordinate. Taught humanity the resolving of enchantments.

– Armumahel – Semyaza’s fourth subordinate.

– Asael (Azazel), Semyaza’s ninth subordinate. He taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives and shields, and women the art of ornamenting the body, dyeing the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows. He also revealed the secrets of witchcraft.

– Asbeel

– Atatel

– Baraqel Semyaza’s eight subordinate. He taught astrology.

– Batrel

– Betryal

– Bezaliel

– Daniel (Danel) Semyaza’s sixth subordinate. He taught the signs of the Sun.

– Ezeqel (Chazaqiel) – Taught the sign of clouds (meteorology)

– Gaderel – Taught the art of cosmetics and the use of weapons

– Hananel

– Jamayol

– Kasadya (Tamiel)

– Kestarel

– Kokabel – Semyaza’s third subordinate. He is the angel of the stars. He commends an army of 365,000 spirits.

– Neqael

– Penemue – He taught the art of writing with ink and paper and wisdom.

– Pinene

– Ramel – Semyaza’s fifth subordinate.

– Matarel – Semyaza’s eleventh subordinate.

– Remashel – Semyaza’s second subordinate.

– Samshiel – Semyaza’s fourteenth subordinate He taught the signs of the Sun. He is also one of the guards of the Garden of Eden and the leader of 365 legions of lesser angels.

– Sahriel (Suriel) – Semyaza’s fifteenth subordinate. He taught about the courses of the Moon.

– Sasomaspweel

– Setawel Semyaza’s thirteenth subordinate.

– Sipwesel

– Tummiel – Semyaza’s sixteenth subordinate. He taught about astronomy.

– Turiel – Semyaza seventeenth subordinate

– Yamiel – Semyaza eighteenth subordinate.

– Yehadiel, nineteenth subordinate.

– Yekon (Jekon)

– Ziqel, Semyaza’s seventh subordinate.

Helped by such great teachers, people acquired knowledge, culture and power, but with so much pride and corruption that they began to serve for destructive purposes. It did not help that the Grigori Asbeel, Gadereel, Penemue and Kasdaye, tempted by Yekon, started having sexual relations with women.

Before the great flood Grigori began to regret for coming to the Earth to live among human beings. They accused each other for making such decision. They were shocked to see that their knowledge they have given to humanity was abused to such an extent by humans that it provoked God to end the world. God was furious with the Grigori also because of many misdeeds and crimes committed by their children, the Nephilim.

What happened to the people during and after the great flood is a topic from the Bible, but the fate of Grigori is described in the Book of Enoch (II, III), Qumran’s script Abraham’s Testamentand some other texts.

After the great flood, Enoch saw “innumerable army” of Griegori and Nephilim at the Fifth Heaven. They were despondent and silent. Enoch inclined them to sing the Divine liturgy in order to make God less angry. The Grigori sang the liturgy in a very touching way. Finally, God forgave the Ggrigori.

According to the Book of Enoch (III), they appeared as the holy angels in the seventh heaven, on the opposite side of the throne of God. They became sacred because they survived the third day of the trial and sacrificed their bodies and souls to fiery flames to access God.

The Third book of Enoch associates 70 Grigori with 70 languages. Each of their name is based on God’s name, and is written with a pen of fire on God’s crown. Such great sparks and lightning fly out of their names that none of the angels, not even the seraphim, can watch that scenery. Now God does nothing without consulting his Grigori beforehand. They, in addition, serve as officers in the Heavenly court. They close legal cases and pronounce judgments, and sometimes come down to the Earth to carry out the sentences. In Abraham’s Testament, the Grigori appear as children of light in the service of Michael who is called Prince of Light and King of the Righteous.

What so far has been written about the Nephilim is very little. The Nephilim are the sons and the daughters of Grigori and women. Before the great flood, the Nephilim acted wrongly towards birds, wild animals, reptiles and fish. They ate everything that people produced. When people finally refused to feed them, the Nephilim also began to devour human beings. These atrocities were so horrendous that archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel went to God to ask him to take appropriate action to stop the suffering on earth. Finally, it was decided that archangel Gabriel would punish the Nephilim and the archangel Michael the humans.

The fate of the Nephilim after the great flood is not clear. In the “First Book of Enoch”, God punished them to be evil spirits on the Earth, but the “Second Book of Enoch” says they are in the Fifth Heaven.

It is known that the Grigori leader Semyaza had two sons who were Nephalim, Ahju and Ohju. No others Nephilim seem to be known by their names.

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