Rings – Pass – Not

The first ring-pass-not is the one which divides our physical reality from the etheric world. The magicians pass through this first ring-pass-not very frequently, actually each time they preform ceremonial magic, evoke or meditate.

The second-pass not is the one that separates the etheric world with the astral plane. There are different levels of the astral plane and each one of them is additionally separated with several minor rings-pass-not which are quite easy to pass.

The next third large ring-pass-not is the one between the astral and mental plane.

The most notorious and the most challenging ring-pass-not is the Abyss that divides the mental and divine planes. This Abyss is somewhere around the Saturn Zone. In the Enochian magic it is called ZAX. It is guarded by archdemonic entity Chronozon.

Whenever you cross one ring-pass-not, you will need to leave one of your bodies behind. So, when you cross the first ring-pass not, you would need to leave your earthly body behind, totally, if you are performing an out of body experience, or partly, if you are, for example, meditating.

When you cross the second ring – pass not, you will also need to leave your etheric body behind. This will be easy if you manage to find a portal, such as a window or door. Otherwise, it will be hardly possible. In the etheric body, you will not be able to fly, but in your astral body you will be free to fly as a bird.

Upon entering the mental realm, this would also mean that you have also left your astral body behind.

After crossing the Abyss guarded by Chronoyon, you will be a pure spirit able to do and travel wherever you want experiencing total freedom beyond all planetary influences, including Saturn’s.

Besides, each planet has its own special rings-pass-not. There are usually the three ones, separating their etheric, astral and mental worlds from each other. The most difficult to pass is always the fourth one, the one that divides the mental and Divine worlds from each other. In order to reach Akasha level of each planet, you will need to pass through all of its four rings-pass-not. It is really very difficult even to the advanced planetary magician. That is why that Akashic magic is very advanced and difficult, and the ones who are saying that they can reach Akasha only through plain meditation are usually lying.

The rings-pass-not exist mostly to protect higher words from unwelcome guests from lower regions. Sometimes, it is very easy to pass them. If you made it once, it would be much easier to go the same way again.

If you are guided by a genius that you have just evoked, there would be usually no problem to cross them all on your way to that spirit’s region.

Sometimes those borders are natural, but sometimes clearly made by spirits. It can be so that you would need to jump over many walls and through many windows to make it a crossover. Sometimes you will need to climb up a high mountain or a pyramid to reach the top and then fly over it.

There might be some invisible force to block your steps paralyzing you or pushing you back. Not so rarely you would need to encounter the guardians of rings-pass-not. Sometimes they are very polite and helpful, sometimes not that much. The extreme case is Chronozon, but there are also many other demonic-like figures elsewhere. Some of them look like our world’s police officers.

The successful evocation also means that the spirit gives you the permission to pass all rings-pass-not that stand in between you and him or her. All of the related guardians will be informed by that spirits, so they would let you go. You would not even need to notice them. Sometimes, your arrival to the wished destination will be almost instant no matter how far it is.

However, you will always need to have a sigil of the spirit with you. It is a key to many things, and also to successful crossing of a ring-pass-not. Besides, all other magical weapons, such as a wand or talisman are helpful too. You will certainly always need to remember the name of the spirit that you have evoked. It is sometimes useful to repeat it as a mantra, because this also leads to the right direction. However, you will need to learn when to stop repeating it, because it can be quite annoying for other spirits to hear it over and over again.

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