Guardian angels – Reiiel and Jah-Hel

You may ask Reiiel for help whenever you want to reconnect to you Holy Guardian Angel. Reiiel will give you his support, if you decide to undertake magical retreat according to Abramelin’s instructions, but he can also suggest you to use other special methods for establishing the contact and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel.

Jah-Hel may serve as a special link between you and your guardian angel. Jah-Hel can help you discover your different astral selves who live separately in different astral spheres and also your different mental selves who live apart from each other in space and time. This glorious angel can make it easier for you to meet your HGA and finally your own Monad, which is your own personal god.

“In the name of YHH, Deus Ens Supremum, Hu, Suna, Hy, A Nomygon and Priest, I ask you wonderful Jah-Hel to help me establish the contact to my HGA and to keep my communication with him unhindered, effortlessly and contentiously .”

Names of God in the context of this conjuration:

– Suna is the 62nd God’s name according to Kircher and the 62nd quantity key according to Bardon, linked to Jah-Hel. This name of God gives you the capacity to evolve beyond the spheres of Venus and Mercury. The True Petition of the Jesuitsinstructs that Suna should be named in evocations of spirits.

– Hu is Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic word for the English third person and is used in Sufism to avoid attribution of a gender to Allah. It is the sacred name of God among the Druids. Hu is also a Taoist mantra in breathing exercising helping with stress release and easing heart and mind. In Solomonic tradition, it was invoked by David, and he was delivered from the hands of Goliath. It should be spoken to evoke the Prince of Dreams (German 14th century ritual), the Prince of Countenance, spirits in general (Munich Manuscript) and to commend demons (The Key of Solomon).

– Hy – This God’s name of Shemhamphorash of Moses is from Sepher Raziel. It should be named devoutly, and your work will be fulfilled. This is the name Moses said when he ascended the hill and spoke to God. Hekhalot Zutarti and Ma’ash Merkabah tell that Hy is one of the 70 names written in God’s heart and one of the names from 70 or alternatively 72 letters written in God’s forehead. It is also mentioned in the Sword of Moses as a part of 24 letters upon God’s crown.

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