Very Important People

When you read Franz Bardon, he often uses formulation Very Important People, in terms of using magic to get their help and services for some matters. This day is influenced by Jerathel. Among his 20 subjects he teaches and helps about, one is about receiving the help from Very Important People. 

Receiving favours from very important people is an important field of Mercurial magic. It is crucial to Mercurial spirits that you keep on with your great work even when you face hard financial times or other big issues. Finding someone to support your work when you are in need is a Mercurial way of solving certain problems. After all, many good people could not have finished their masterworks in literature, music, science and alchemy, if they had not been supported by some important people.

The Shem angels Jerathel, Menadel, Nithael, Jezalel, Haaiah and Asaliah provide help from very important people. Ecdulon, Lagiros and Ugrivoh from the Earth Zone are also great helpers in this field of magic too.

If you are in a situation to ask VIP for help, you can do the following method:

Conjuration of Jerathel for help from a very important person

Conjured with the Psalm 140:1 “Deliver me, O Lord, from evildoers; protect me from those who are violent.”

In Latin: “Erue me Domine ab homine malo a viris iniquis serva me.”

In the name of YRT, Deus Propulsator, Ajiclo, Teos, Ragiam, Immanuel, O and Vabalganarytyn, I ask you glorious Jerathel to help me get positive responsive from NN now for my request to him, and also to establish and maintain good relationship with him in the future.

Jerathel is one of the best spirits to call for help if you need favours from other people, no matter if they are your friends or enemies. This marvelous angel is fully able to influence people to surprise you with awards and gifts. Jerathel may also find for you a benefactor. He teaches about proper use of names of God, such as Ijfale, Saijec, Claiie, Asnia and Ajiclo, in order to gain favour of your master and anyone else.

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