I went to sleep as usual some 10 years ago. A few hours later, I suddenly realised that I had been talking for a long time to a strange and unknown man who was sitting on the chair next to my bed for a very long time. He was speaking about the Universe and some mysteries about life and death for a long time, but only at that moment I became aware of this conversation and his presence. I looked at him in awe. He had a human body, but he had jackal’s head. I shouted: “Oh, you are Anubis!” And he said: “Off course I am, I told you that already”. I had had many encounters with spirits before, but never with Anubis. I was very surprised. Regrettably scared too. I did not expect Anubis at all. He was absolutely real. The encounter was as physical as one can imagine. For a moment I was afraid that I was dying. Well, I spoiled any further communication with Anubis, so soon he was gone. Was he angry with me, I do not know, but as he was leaving, he did it with a lot of noise behind. I felt like the whole building was shaking.

Anhubis is the king of Psychopomps. But there are others, like Hermes among the gods and Sandalphon, among the angels.

Related to “Bardonian” spirits, most of them can depending on situation be your psychopomps, if not directly, then through their subordinate spirits. That being said, some of them are more pshychopomps than the others, which means that this is a part of their faculties.

Hahasiah is one of the main psychopomps among the Shem angels. During the evocation, he would just take your arm, lift your body and lead you to his temple or to any sphere of the Universe which you would like to explore. Pahaliah is one of the best psychopomps amongst the Shem angels and he teaches the magician how to help dead persons reach some higher plans.

Sikesti, one of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone, guards all paths, portals and tunnels which link the Earth Zone to other parts of the universe. Many of Sikesti’s subordinate spirits are psychopomps. They can teach the magician how to use portals and cosmic tunnels properly in order to help other people reach their proper or desired destinations. If you wish to become a future psychopomp, Sikesti can already organise for you many opportunities to travel around the Earth Zone and other planetary spheres, all the way up to the edge of the universe where you may witness the wonders of Ain Soph Aur.

Hasperim is also an important psychopomp and he can help the magician make contacts with friendly psychopomp-animals such as: horses, ravens, dogs, crows, owls, sparrows, cuckoos, camels, deer, etc. He is closely connected to the sphere of Saturn and can be an excellent teacher in saturnian magic too.

Many teachers give first lectures and instructions to newly arrived souls before psychopomps would guide them somewhere else. Those classes are often supervised by Echami.

Egention helps victims of traffic accidents. Locations of many ship and air accidents have not been discovered yet. Angelic beings may sometimes have problems to spot some locations from our world’s reality. But as you are from this world, you are in a good situation to help the angels find some of the lost souls. I met a group of twenty people who had died in a train accident between Beijing and Shanghai. They had absolutely no idea that they were dead. I told Egention about my discovery. He said that he would find proper psychopomps to guide them somewhere else. If you meet victims of traffic accidents who happened not to be found yet by their own guardian angels, tell Egention that you have seen them!

Golog, a master of the etheric plane, may agree to be your psychopomp around the etheric region, which is the lowest part of invisible spiritual regions and the highest grade of the physical plane.

If you want to see how any of our world’s cities look like in the astral region, ask Oromonas to be your guide. There is no word to describe how some cities like Beijing or Vienna look like in the Earth Zone.

Nadele can take a role of a psychopomp to accompany you to regions where many gnomes live under his rule.

So, yes, let me conclude that becoming a psychopomp might also be a future occupation of many of Bardonian magicians. They are eternal travellers. Their knowledge about all possible planes, regions, tunnels, channels and planets around the Universe is absolutely marvellous. They can be angels, gods, humans, different kinds of spirits and animals. But they do not really have a home, because it is everywhere and nowhere.


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