Sernpolo Method – Part One

Sernpolo, a queen of the Earth Zone, knows all the languages which have ever been spoken around the Earth Zone. She showed me the Tree of Languages of the Earth Zone while she was explaining its relation to our physical reality and to other cosmic spheres. She can also teach the magician Enochian and all the other languages which are spoken by angels, demons and fairies. Sernpolo’s subordinate spirits are the greatest polyglots from the Earth Zone. They teach about all living or extinct languages through: dreams, inspirations, meditations or Abisheka. They may also offer you good teachers, language schools and books, expand your memories, and improve your communication skills and accents. Sernpolo’s numerous language schools in the Earth Zone are partly based on 72 languages which are said to have appeared after the fall of the tower of Babel.

Through a vivid astral vision, a few years ago, she showed me a method how to decode any word which was spoken some 10,000 or even 15,000 years ago. Esotericly speaking, through this method, the aim is to reach this most ancient language spoken directly after the fall of Babel tower. Those very ancient words, if discovered, should also have

magical powers for certain purpose.

Let’s say, you want to discover, what people in that most ancient time had a name for girl. The method is as follows:

1. Write down the name for girl in at least 30 different actual and\or extinct languages. The more languages the better. Today it is very easy to translate any word thanks to the Internet.

2. When you have listed words for girl in at least 30 languages, check first out which number of letter names prevail. Are for example the most frequent four, five or six letter names for girl. If the most frequent are 5 letter names, then this ancient name for girl had 5 letters.

3. Check out which first letter for girl in all of this languages is most frequent. If it is M, then that ancient word for girl started with M.

4. With the same system find the most frequently used second letter – If it is A then the second letter of this most ancient word for girl is A.

5. You do the same with the third, fourth, fifth letter, etc.

I will give you an example how I tried to decode a word for girl. This attempt was in 2020. I already posted this result on this forum. That time, I only used 34 languages. The more the better, though. Another problem is that most of those languages were from the western hemidphere. Anyway, here is the result.

1. English: Girl

2. Swedish: Flicka

3. German: Madchen

4. Netherlands: Meisje

5. French: Fille

6. Spanish: Nina

7. Italian: Ragazza

8. Portuguese: Menina

9. Serbian: Devojcica

10. Russian: Devocka

11. Polish: Dziewczyna

12. Czech: Divka

13. Albanian: Vajza

14. Basque: Nesca

15. Greek: Koritsi

16. Turkish: Kiz

17. Azerbaijani: Qiz

18. Kurdish: Kec

19. Finnish Tytto

20. Hungarian: Lany

21. Estonian: Tudruk

22. Armenian: Feata

23. Georgian: Gogo

24. Sanskrit: Balika

25. Latin: Puella

26. Esperanto: Kabino

27. Goth: Mawillo

28. Hebrew: Yalda

29: Arabian: Fata

30: Chinese: Nuhai

31. Korean: Sonyeo

32. Mongolian: Okhin

33. Japanese: Onnanoko

34 Hindi: Ladakee.

So, by comparing all of those languages ‘most frequent letters, the result for Girl how it was spoken by the time of the fall of Babel tower is:







Likewise for boy the result is:





Daughter is: Diti or Ditir

Son is: Son or Sin

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