Tetragramaton is the same as IHVH or YVHV. Other common forms of spellings is YHWH. In some grimoires, like in Book of Three Souls, it is written Joht He Vau He.

Tetragrammatn appears as the God’s name in a Shemhophorosh prayer from The Sworn Book of Honorius. It also appears as the third name of God in the same book. This book explains that Tetragrammaton is “most merciful and everlasting father of all things, the disposer of all virtues”. It gives the power of “holy vision”.

Agrippa mentions IHVH in his second book of Occult Philosophy, as an example of a God’s name written in four letters. In his Scale of the number four, IHVH rules over all orders of angels, innocents, martyrs, four angels ruling the corners of the world, four rulers of the elements, four consecrated animals, four triplicitalities of the tribe of Israel, four triplicitalities of apostles, four evangelists, four triplicitalities of signs, the stars, the planets, four elements, four qualities, four seasons, four corners of the world, animals, plants, metals, stones, and four kinds of animals, four moral virtues, four humours, four infernal rivers (Phlegeton, Cocytus, Styx, Acheron), four infernal princes (Oriens, Paymon, Egyn, Amaymon) and four princes of devils (Samael, Azazel, Azael, Mahazae).

IHVH is also God’s name according to Kircher and the 1st quantity key according to Bardon. It is linked to Vehuiah.

In his most Divine aspect, Vehuiah comes very close to IHVH. He expresses highly valuable information on IHVH so that people could somehow be able to comprehend God. Vehuaih also explains number 1, which is the number of the unity, in which no separations, duality and polarities exist. In this number masculine and feminine potency are united and will arose and expand only in all later numbers. This holy angel also teaches about the initial power which creates all other numbers.

IHVH also forms a part of other related God’s names in several cases. For example, Tetragrammaton Jehovah, Prerai Tetragrammaton and Tetragrammaton Saday appear as the God’s names in Lemegeton, Goetia. They should be used in conjuration of spirits.

Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis mentions Tetragrammaton Saboth, Tetragrammaton Vedath and Jod Tetragrammaton but with no explanations, but what those names mean was actually explained by Agrippa.

The list of those names is as follows:

– YHVH Sabbaoth or YHVH Tz’ Vah-Oht is a very important form of this God’s name YHVH Sabaoth occurs more than 270 times in the Old Testament. It means “The Lord of Hosts.” This name rules over the vast multitudes of angels and stars and armies. Yet, the first time it appears in the Bible, it comes from a humble woman who is praying in her anguish and distress for a blessing from God to have a male child.

Agrippa mentions this God’s name in two different forms, such as Jehovah Sabaoth andTetragrammaton Saboth in his Occult Philosophy. For Agrippa Jehovah Sabaoth as an example of a God’s name written in 9 letters. In his Scale of the number 9, Jehovah Sabbaoth, together with Jehovah Zidkenu and Elohim Gibor rules over: 9 orders of angels, 9 movable spheres, 9 stones, 9 inward and outward senses and 9 rewards of the damned. Referring to this God’s name as Tetragrammaton Saboth, Agrippa tells that it governs Netzchah, that is, how he explains, triumph and victory, giving zeal and love of righteousness, producing vegetables, influencing the Principalities or Elohim, the sphere of Venus, Haniel, Cerviel and David. For Agrippa, Tetragrammaton Sabaoth and Adonai Sabaoth are the same.

For the sake of further explaining Agrippa, each Venusian being, animal, plant or stone have a Divine central point from which it becomes what they are. The name of this Venusian point is YHVH Sabaoth. If you want to reveal the soul of a Venusian person, search for it in the name of YHVH Sabaoth. If you want to meet a spirit of a Venusian plant, such as an apple, meditate on it in the name of YHVH Sabaoth. Concentrate on the surface of a Venisian crystal, such as a rose quartz or turquoise, continue into its essence and end up when contact with the “One Who Dwells There” has been established. If you are not sure if that thing is Venusian in nature, you can use other Divine names, such as Adonai Melek or Adonai-ha Aretz. Besides, the true nature of any Venusian problem, such as in love or art, can be accessed through YHVH Sabaoth. In the core of love there is this Divine name. It is the key to any Venusian secret. This powerful name helps with fertility problems, communication with departed people, evocations and also against malevolent spirits. In addition, the true nature of any Venusian problem, such as in love or art, can be accessed through YHVH Tz’ Vah-Oht (Sabaoth). In the core of love there is this Divine name. It is the key to any Venusian secret. This powerful name helps with fertility problems, communication with departed people, evocations and also against malevolent spirits.

– Jehovah Vedaath is mentioned by Agrippa in his second book of Occult Philosophy, as an example of a God’s name written in 8 letters. In his Scale of the number 8, Jehovah Vedaath together with Eloha Vedaath rules over: 8 rewards of the blessed, 8 visible heavens, 8 kinds of blessed men and 8 rewards of the damned. This God’s name is differently spelled Tetragrammaton Vedath in some grimoires.

– Jod Tetragrammaton is mentioned by Agrippa also in his third book of Occult Philosophy. Agrippa explains that this God’s name governs Chokmah, that is wisdom, Divinity full of ideas, the first begotten, attributed to the Son, and has the influence over the Cherubim and Orphanim, Raziel and Adam. In some other sources, the ruler of Chokmah is God’s name Yah.

– Tetragrammaton Elohim is another God’s name mentioned by Agrippa. He tells that this God’s name governs Binah, that is, as he explains, providence and understanding, quietness, a great trumpet, redemption of the world, attributed to the Holy Spirit, with his influence over the order of the Thrones or Aralim, the sphere of Saturn, Zaphkiel, Jophiel, Noah and Sem. In most cases, this God’s name is spelled Yehovah Elohim.

YHVH is explained by Shemhamphorash angels. It is generally accepted IHVH is the most powerful God’s name. According to tradition, in the case that people had ever known how to pronounce YHVH, they forgot it long time ago. Nevertheless, thanks to the Shemhamphorash angels, YHVH can be still understood by humans.

YHVH addresses to humans through the Shemhamphorash angels in the following way:

– The 72 Shemhamphorash angels have the understanding and knowledge of YHVH.

– YHVH reveals himself through the 72 Shemhaphorash angels.

– The 72 Shemhamphorash angels reveals the meaning of YHVH to humans.

Modern cabalists from English speaking countries tend to say that Shemhamforash is the “explicit” name of God, while French cabalists for that more often use the term “explained” name of God. Both terms “explained” and “explicit” derive from Latin “explicate”. The term “explained” dominates in France thanks to the influential French occultist Eliphas Levi, whose formulation was that Shemhamphorash stood for the “explained” name of God.

Likewise, YHVH is referred to as the “implicit” name of God, but sometimes also as the “non-explained” name of God. It is up to the magicians to decide which terms suit them best. Any way they choose, it should be important to cognise that Shemhamophorash is the “explained” or the “explainable” name of God in contrast to the “non-explained” or the “non-explainable” name of God, which is YHVH.

According to the Shem magic, YHVH consists of 72 main attributes. Faced directly with any of the 72 God’s attributes, the magician would be overwhelmed with their “quantities”. Mercury is an intermediary planet. Mercurial angels send messages to our humanity through all possible Divine sources. Without the intermediary role of this planet and its angels, a human being would not be able to understand much of God’s messages.

Moses was said to utter “Shemhamphorash” when he was about to cross the Red Sea. Shemhamphorash was recognised in the 72 triads which emerge from the three consecutive verses in the “Book of Exodus” (Chapter 14, verses 19, 20, and 21). Each verse contains 72 letters, which are then written right to left – left to right – right to left, thus forming 72 three letter columns. First, those 72 three letter columns form 72 names of God, and later with the addition of Yah or El, they give the 72 names of Shemhamphorash angels.

Shemhamphorash angels have used many ways to give their signs of presence in books, monuments, colors and through science and art, so this cabalistic connection between Book of Exodus and Shemhamphorash should not be dismissed easily. If their existence was discovered in the Bible, that does not mean that it is not somewhere else in some other scriptures too.

Of course, you do not need to be a Christian or a Jew to be able to communicate with those angels. The Shem angels are neither Jew nor Christian nor from the Bible. They are simply Mercurial. The Shemhamphorash certainly does not stem exclusively from Hebrew sources. Franz Bardon even argued that Shemhamphorash is not from Hebrew origin at all, that it can be found in Indian and Egyptian scriptures, and that it was also transferred to Christianity as it is seen in 72 Christ students.

Other common variants of IHVH are Yehova and Yahveh. Iehova is more commonly spelled Jehovah – a Latinization of the Hebrew יְהֹוָה Yəhōwā, which is one vocalization of the Holy Tetragrammaton יהוה (YHVH). Jehovah was often used in conjurations of spirits, such as it appears in Lemegeton, Goetia. Although Christian scholars after the Renaissance and Reformation periods used the term Jehovah for YHVH, in the 19th and 20th centuries biblical scholars again began to use the form Yahweh. For example, Solomon used the name of Yahweh and his magical ring to bind the dangerous female demon Onoskelis.

Magical books often mention Iehova in any of its written form. .

Iehova is God’s name related to Jeliel according to The Sixth and Seventh Moses Book. Iehova is also mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon conjuration of fire.

As Ihova, it is insicribed in the 5th Pentacle of the Moon together with God’s name Elohim, and angels Jahadiel and Azarel.

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